Happy 32nd birthday, Paul Thomas Wasilewski. (July 23, 1982)

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make me choose: tainamuller asked me stelena or delena?

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tvd ship tropes: stelena + everyone can see it.

 This trope happens when two characters are just perfect for each other, everyone around them — such as their friends, family, and enemies — can see their obvious feelings for each other. 

Stelena is endgame. Like klaus said, Elena is wasting her time with Damon. 😏

but know let’s dedicate the show to dullena.

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This is reality.
             Right  h e r e.

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Watch, Paul is yet again going to be pushed aside at the TCAs because everyone is obsessed with Ian Somerhalder’s dick and don’t understand the talent that is Paul Wesley.

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Dom & Brian + Vin & Paul » eternal love

"You and I are gonna grow old and grey"

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Colin Morgan for Digital Spy [x]

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When you wanna stop watching tvd but you can’t bc Stefan 


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